Senior Project Architect

Bill Ryals embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and do-it-yourself mentality of the Oregon pioneers he descends from. This spirit informs the choices he’s made as an architect for the past 35 years, where he’s inhabited the worlds of his clients, acting as facilitator for their dreams and aspirations—imagining projects from convention centers to clean rooms, from churches to medical clinics. 

Bill has spent his career training his mind to solve the unique puzzles of architecture, assembling elegant solutions while remaining motivated to produce exceptional work under tight budgets. Beyond a keen attention to detail, he understands the fundamentals and legal aspects of building code, which he’s watched evolve during his career, maintaining an effortless fluency in its complexities and applications.

An intense thinker, and a perfectionist hitting his stride in his career, Bill feels vital and excited about his next building, while enjoying the opportunity act as mentor and sage to younger architects.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Architecture, University of Oregon
REGISTERED ARCHITECT: Oregon, California, Washington
PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS: American Institute of Architects