Interior Designer

Kelly Geister leads interior design at ORANGEWALLstudios, taking client aspirations and translating them into rich, compelling environments of pattern, texture and color. She is a multidisciplinary artist, adept within the realms of graphic and furniture design, and handles interiors projects across all client markets: residential, hospitality, institutional, healthcare and corporate. 

With a strong background in visual art, she not only addresses the practical considerations of each project, but enriches spaces through the design and integration of environmental graphics and branding. Kelly has a broad knowledge of interior furniture systems, materials and specifications, and is committed to implementing innovative approaches and products. She approaches each project with enthusiasm and respect for each client’s unique vision and constraints, and possesses an abiding commitment to partnering artistry with utility. 

She credits her tenure as a high school art teacher for honing her skills in managing complex social dynamics and gleaning information needed from the client to achieve successful outcomes. Her pragmatic, steady and friendly demeanor encourages positive, lasting client relationships and collaborations. 

EDUCATION: Associate of Applied Sciences, Interior Design, El Centro College
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Art, University of North Texas