Liz Johnson
Project Coordinator

As project coordinator, Liz Johnson is tasked with keeping the ORANGEWALLstudios design team on task, and projects within budget. She prides herself on her ability to break down the most complex projects into achievable goals with clear steps, developing workable solutions toward a project’s completion.

She’s a focal point in the studio, and stays current, up-to-the minute, on the workflow, schedules and capabilities of the design team. Liz is with the team at every step of the project, making sure everyone understands the scope and expectations, and ensuring a continuity of clear, concise information between the team and our clients, allowing designers to devote all of their energy to project tasks. She’s excited to watch projects evolve and move toward completion, and she facilitates client relationships with the same clear vision as our designers bring to their creative work.

Prior to coming to ORANGEWALL, Liz worked with national nonprofit and charitable organizations, where she helped organize large group events and manage committees of volunteers.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism: Public Relations, University of Oregon