Job Captain

Michael Scott sees the call to “sustainability” as a challenge to design resiliently—with environments that can adapt to program changes across time. He knows that an architect can positively impact and influence a community, beyond providing them with beautiful spaces, by not only shaping natural and built environments, but illuminating paths we can move toward as a society.

He’s excited to have an opportunity to be involved in all facets of architecture as Job Captain at ORANGEWALLstudios. While well-versed in the latest software applications, Michael is passionate about creating with his hands, solving problems in physical space in addition to 2D and 3D software environments—allowing him a better understanding of the unique properties of building materials, and the different ways in which they react with each other.

Michael’s interests and work experiences have included focused study on sustainable environments, energy analysis and city and regional planning, which he credits for instilling a more holistic design thinking, deepening his understanding of the challenges of an architect beyond the creation of arresting structures.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Architecture, California Polytechnic Institute