Rebecca Littman-Smith
Job Captain

Rebecca Littman-Smith is energized by the fluidity of architecture, which constantly provides fresh partnerships and new venues for producing highly detailed, considered work. As an architect with ORANGEWALLstudios, she takes a strong intellectual approach to her work, committed to developing a clear context for each project in the planning and research stages. 

She is passionate about “materiality” and interested in the relationships between building elements and the culture, how projects exist in conversation with the history and traditions of a place. She has enjoyed working with clients from craft brewers to healthcare providers, and appreciates the opportunity to understand each unique organization, learning production and programming specifics, feeding off client passion while putting them in the best position for success.  

Rebecca pursued architecture as an outgrowth of her studies in art and art history. She credits travel for fostering her strong sense of place, including stints working in Germany and studying Kenya in addition to her time as a Fulbright Scholar in Finland, where she focused on that country’s uses of wood as a building material, with its innovative applications and future-focused renewable use methods. 

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts, Art and Art History, Kalamazoo College; Master of Architecture, University of Oregon