Job Captain

Tim Kamp knows ORANGEWALLstudios clients expect a high level of involvement. He feeds off the client’s personal and emotional investment into a project, and finds taking care of them all the way through the construction process rewarding. 

Tim is passionate about healthy working environments and enjoys the challenge of making spaces more enriching, inspiring places to work. Our clients include some of the most talented creative designers in the world, and Tim’s excited to provide them with inspiring spaces where they can think and design. 

He thrives in his multifaceted hands-on role, where he’s integral from early conversations about programming to the project’s close-out, and loves having his hands in drafting, schematics and design development in between. Keeping the client happy is his first priority, and he’s committed to make sure end goals are always in clear view. 

A Portland-area native, Tim understands the imperative to approach growth and development responsibly—he’s seen it here his whole life—and that mentality that informs every aspect of his approach, whether designing interiors or structures, or simply choosing materials. 

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Architecture, University of Oregon (School of Architecture and Applied Arts)